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Navratri Festival

Navratri Festival

Navratri is festival of celebrating women power and these nine days are dedicated to nine different goddesses. India is a diverse country and in every state, the way Navratri is celebrated is different. Navratri is most important festival in Gujarat and West Bengal.  Navratri is celebrated in zeal with dedicated traditions and culture. Take a look at the amazing way of celebration of both the states given below.


Goddesses worshiped in this state

In gujarat Navratri is most important festival. It is celebrated all nine days with great zeal. Goddess AMBA, who is believed to have taken various forms is devoted with dedication & purity.

The shrine includes a garbo, an earthenware pot, in which a betel nut, coconut, and silver coin.

Way of Celebration

Young, attractive and energetic, the celebration of Navratri goes all through the night with dance of Dandiya and Garba on traditional songs.

Celebrated in honor of divine shakti, the shrine is placed in middle and the folk dance is performed by devotees around it, which is also called as Durga Ahvaan.

Garba and Dandiya is believed to a tribute to goddess as prayers presented to her.
Fasts and Vrats are kept to dedicate entirely to purity and shakti of goddess Amba.


Rajgire ka thepla, Rajgire ki kadhi, Rajgire ki puri, Sabudana khichdi, Singhara ke pakode, Soma rice, Tomato char, Sabudana Wada, and Alu sukha bhaji are most famous during Navaratri.

Havmor and Village are some of the best hotels to have authentic Gujarati cuisine.

Popular Spots

Kalhar Bungalow & Shahibaug Club, Ahmedabad  ( From Ahmedabad Junction- 3.4kms. )
Shankus Dandiya, Surat ( From Surat Railway Station- 17.6kms )
maa shakti garba, Vadodara ( From Vadodara Junction- 500m. )

West Bengal

Goddesses worshiped in this state of West Bengal have huge pandals, where Maa Durga is positioned. Utural conscious, bongs prepare the Murti prior to the festival except her eyes. On the occasion of Mahalaya, eyes are painted to welcome goddess on earth.

The last four days are very much significant in West Bengal and is celebrated with great devotion.

Way of Celebration

On sixth day of Navratri, that is the first day of Durga Pooja, pandals are brought home and decorated with flowers and clothes.

Kola Bau, where in a banana leaf is taken under red saree is bathed in river and then placed by the goddess. This happens on seventh day of Navratri.

The celebration is filled with activities like dhunuchi dance, traditional songs and drama.
On tenth day, on Dashmi, the murti is immersed in water with pure and dedicated devotion.

Married woman initiate the procession of applying red sindoor on the Goddess and then to each other. It is said to be a symbol of marriage and fertility.


Food being major part of the festival, Kolkata Durga Puja special themed Bhog will be presented Khichudi Bhog to you at The Kenilworth for every nine days of celebration.

Khichudi, Labra (Mixed Vegetable Curry), Aloo Posto, Kosha Mangsho (Spiced Goat Curry),  are part of Bengali meal to cherish.

Popular Spots

Dashghara Biswas Bari, Hooghly ( From Kolkata Railway Station-70kms. )
Bagbazaar, Kolkata ( From Kolkata Railway Station- 49.1kms. )
Fuljhore Market Durgapuja Pandal, Durgapur ( From Kolkata Railway Station- 167kms. )
Witnessing these culture in itself is real amazing. Where are you headed then to Ahmedabad Junction or Kolkata Junction to celebrate Navratri? Whatever it is just take off to get the best.

Witnessing these culture in itself is real amazing. Where are you headed then to Ahmedabad Junction or Kolkata Junction to celebrate Navratri? Whatever it is just take off to get the best.

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