Fantabulous Football Carnival That Fascinated Me

Students are always linked with studies, studies, and more studies. Though, that is an essential and inseparable part of a student’s life, one another important factor, that is also associated with my routine, is sports. I am a die hart sportsman and have played numerous tournaments at inter-district level in the state of Mumbai. I enjoy being a sportsman and the feeling of competition that it instills within me.

FIFA World Cup Trophy

FIFA World Cup Trophy | Image Resource :

The football fever that ran throughout the earth, like many others, engulfed me as well. So when I got the news of a football carnival being held at Geoffrey’s- a pub and 24 hours open restaurant Bayview, at hotel Marine Plaza; I couldn’t stop myself from visiting there and enjoy the celebrations of football moments of the recent FIFA World Cup.

Football Carnival at Hotel Marine Plaza Card

Football Carnival at Hotel Marine Plaza Card | Image Resource :

Hotel Marine Plaza

Hotel Marine Plaza | Image Resource :

Hotel Marine Plaza is maximizing it’s assets from the exhilarations and impact of this football world cup tournament, by organizing this occasion from 12th to 14th of July. Being a football fan myself, and a consistent follower of the FIFA world cup, I and my few friends made most of our opportunity by visiting this occasion.

We reached the hotel much before the expected timings- from 9:30pm to 1:30am at Geoffrey’s with live telecast that was promoting the FIFA world cup, and 1:30 onwards at the Bay-view. The entire place was packed with football fans, who were enjoying each other’s company, and of course, the special offers that were made available by the host. The highlight of the place was a large LCD screen telecast that was captivating everyone’s eyes. Liquor was flowing and was served till 1:30 at both the places, and had the tempting offer of ‘buy two-get one free’.

Geoffrey’s made it more interesting with the innovative FIFA world cup special snacks and cocktail menu. The snacks were mouthwatering and included both –Indian and continental cuisines. The cocktails were interestingly named on the players of FIFA world cup, and the visitors enjoyed ordering drinks according to their favorite players. The most common name heard was that of the Messsi’s magic, the guy is an eye candy of everyone owing to his magical performances throughout the tournament. We also enjoyed Bayview’s midnight buffet with the engrossing telecast.

Messi's Magic Skill

Messi’s Magic Skill | Image Resource :