Mumbai 13th Best City to Live & Work

Live & Working Mumbai

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The listing really seems to surprise most Indians as the hectic life of Mumbai would never really make a Mumbaikar feel it is the best life. It is a matter of pride to Indians that Mumbai is ranked 13 among the many global industrial cities. Very rarely India manages to be on these lists.

Saluting the Fireman Died in Mumbai Blaze – Six Are Hurt

With developments at any place taking a fast pace, the life is at stake at times. A fireman was burnt to death and six others were hurt to various degrees in a mishap in a skyscraper in Mumbai.

On Friday, the Lotus Business Park building in suburbs of Andheri west caught fire in the morning hours. The fire department got the call about the top two floors of a 22-storey building catching fire. On reaching the sight of the building, which also houses the office of film star Hritik Roshan, efforts were started to control the situation that seemed slipping out of hands.

Lotus Business Park Fire

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The strong winds worsen the situation. Soon the routine procedure was declared a rescue operation when 11 firemen, including the deceased Nitin Ivalekar got trapped amid thick smoke on the top of the building. As the entrapped firemen got no route to rescue from the terrace of the building and thick smoke and flames were engulfing them, the officials contacted Indian Navy and Indian coastal guards for help – a BMC disaster control official said.

Without delay, a Chetak helicopter was set out by the Indian coastal guards and Sea King helicopter by the Indian navy to reach the site and rescue the victims. All the entrapped sufferers were saved and immediately sent to the R.N.Cooper hospital for the necessary treatment, where three firemen were reported to be seriously injured and one could not be saved.

According to the reports, the blaze was first seen on the 21st floor and rapidly spread to the above floor. Nitin Ivalekar was a part of the first team of firemen, who responded to the accident. The cause of fire is still unknown but short circuit acclaims the possibility. The fire broke out at 10 in the morning when the offices on the concerned floor were not opened to commence the work of the day.

Nitin Ivalekar & his family

Nitin Ivalekar & his family | Image Resource :

It took around 40 firemen to control the blazes. People were evacuated from the lower floors for precaution. It took around six hours to handle the situation and the fire was completely controlled till 4 pm, as said by the officials.