11 Most Popular Places To Visit On Your Journey : Alibaug (Part 2)

Alibaug can be an exciting place to visit along with your friends and family. In the first part of this blog “An Incredible Weekend Holiday Destination” I have mentioned some really interesting facts about this wonderful location along with directions for new visitors. I have been to Alibaug so many times that I have each and every place mapped at the back of my mind.

Many visitors have a misconception that Alibaug has a huge array of beaches in it. Sorry, to inform you but that is not right! Alibaug just has three beaches which are:

1) Alibaug Beach
2) Varsoli Beach
3) Akshi Beach

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All the other beaches are around Alibaug but not “in” Alibaug. Alibaug is a small place with only few tourist spots such as Alibaug Fort and Khanderi – Underi Islands.

Alibaug is adjacent to beaches from Nagaon, Revdanda, Murud etc. In this post, you will be provided with a list of beaches around Alibaug that you can visit during your trip.

Nagaon Beach : This beach is located 7km away from Alibaug. It is considered amongst one of the cleanest beaches of the region. It is also popular for island trips, boat ride, kayaking etc.

Mandwa Beach : Mandwa Beach is located in Kolgaon. Via Alibaug – Revas Rd, it is 20.4km from Alibaug. It is known for its greenery and natural habitat. When in Mandwa you can also checkout the nearby church, synagogue, temples, Buddhist caves and various other edifices from the Portuguese era. You also get ferries from Mandwa jetty to Gateway of India within regular interval.

Awas Beach : This is small beach that is just 17km away from Alibaug. It is also quite close to Mandwa Beach (7 km).

Saswane Beach : Another beach that you can visit on your Alibaug trip is the Saswane beach. You must definitely visit this beach if you are planning to check out Mandwa Beach. Saswane beach is 20 km away from Alibaug. Distance between Mandwa beach and Saswane beach is just 3.5km.

Saswane Beach

Saswane Beach | Image Resource : conversewithamit.blogspot.com

Rewas Beach : On your way from Alibaug to Mandwa beach, you can also visit Rewas beach which is just 22 kms from Alibaug and less than 4kms from Mandwa beach.

Rewas Beach

Rewas Beach | Image Resource : alibagsrushtifarm.com

Rewas Beach Resort

Rewas Beach Resort | Image Resource : panoramio.com

Kashid Beach : Another famous beach that you can visit during your Alibaug visit is the Kashid beach. This beach is famous for its white sand and clean surroundings. The deep waters from this region can tend to be dangerous during high tide.

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Korlai Beach : This particular beach is just 23 km away from Alibaug. A very interesting fact about this place is that you will find locals speaking “Creole Portuguese” which is quite amusing. This beach is a perfect place to relax and unwind yourself. It offers the visitors a very serene, quiet and peaceful environment.

Back to Mumbai :

After visiting these amazing locations no one would want to go back to the chaos of the city life. However, I would advise not to rush on your journey back home. Plan your “back to home” journey and make it as fun as the vacation.

The last day of our journey was spent at the Korlai beach. Here are few of the really interesting places that one can visit during your journey back home (Mumbai).

A Journey back home:

Birla Temple : While travelling from Korlai beach the first location that is quite popular is the Birla temple aka Vikram Vinayak Temple. Birla temple is 20 kms away from Alibaug.

Birla Mandir (Vikram Vinayak Temple) Korlai

Birla Mandir (Vikram Vinayak Temple) Korlai | Image Resource : panoramio.com

Kanakeshwar Temple : If you reach Kanakeshwar temple then you are just 12 km meter away from Alibaug. It is a two and half hour old drive from Alibaug to Mumbai.

Kanakeshwar Temple Alibag

Kanakeshwar Temple Alibag | Image Resource : myhappyjourney.com

Chaul Revdanda : This village is known for its temples and scenic beauty. It also has a pre-historic significance. Apart from the temple, you will find beautiful Portuguese architectural attractions, churches, etc.,

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Siddheshwar Mandir : It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Siddheshwar temple is just 4kms away from Alibaug. This journey would be quite pleasant for trekkers.

These are some of the most popular locations that every Alibaug visitor should visit. Hope this blog post will help you plan your Alibaug trip efficiently.

An Incredible Weekend Holiday Destination in Maharashtra : Alibaug (Part 1)

Alibaug is a beautiful town situated at the coast of Raigad district. In ancient times, this city was known as the ancient city of Ramnath.  Sarkhel Kanhoji Aangre was the man responsible for the development of Alibaug. Kanhoji was the naval chief of Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhosle. Alibaug flourished under his guidance.

How Ramnath became Alibaug?

A rich Israeli named Ali lived in Ramnath. He owned the majority of the tree plantations. Locals called the region “Alicha Bagh” which means “Gardens of Ali”. Later the name Alicha Bagh became Alibaug.

Alibaug – A great weekend destination

Alibaug is situated close to Mumbai. It is the most preferred vacation point for many Mumbaikars. A good number of people visit Alibaug during weekends. Visitors consider it a great place to unwind themselves and take a break from their hectic lifestyle.

How to reach Alibaug:

By Boat –
It is the best way to reach Alibaug. You can reach Alibaug within 2 hours by getting a ferry ride from the Gateway of India. If you are traveling between May-October these ferries are suspended due to rain.

Ferry Time-table from mumbai to alibaug

Ferry Time-table from mumbai to alibaug | Image Resource : nirmalcottages.com

By Bus –
You can get a bus to Alibaug from any major town in Maharashtra. If you are not from Mumbai     you are offered with a wide range of MSRTC options at the Mumbai Central Bus Station.

By Road –
If you are travelling from Mumbai then you can use the same route that is used to reach Goa. This is the reason often people on a road trip to Goa also include Alibaug into their trip. You can use the NH17 (Mumbai-Goa-Ernakulam National Highway) to reach Alibaug from Mumbai. When you reach Wadkhal naka continue to drive straight (left turn will take you to Goa). Alibaug is just 22 Km from Wadkhal naka.

If you are from Pune you can use the Mumbai-Pune Expressway via Khopoli exit to reach Alibaug.

By Train –
Alibaug doesn’t have a dedicated train station. You can reach Alibaug through Roha railway stations (50 km) or Panvel railway stations (80 km).

Tourist Locations in Alibaug:

Alibaug beach – It is the only beach in Alibaug. This beach is known for its long sea shore which makes it perfect for long walks and beach events.

Khanderi & Underi Islands – These particular islands were developed by the great Shivaji Maharaj.  It is also recommended to check out the fort in this island but the most popular structure from this region is the lighthouse which was built in 1837.

Alibaug Fort – This fort was built by Shivaji to strengthen his naval defences and also to oversee any suspicious naval activity by the Britishers from Mumbai and Siddis’ of Janjira.

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Varsoli Beach : 93 km away from Mumbai and 4 km away from Alibaug beach. It is also a naval base.

Akshi Beach : Akshi beach is just 6 km away from Alibaug.   A great place for weekend family getaways and picnics. You will find amazing holiday homes, bungalows, cottages and farmhouses for your stay. Moreover, the beach is also famous among Indian film makers.

More interesting information for your Alibaug trip in part II of this post…!