Pola Festival : Traditional festival with lots of Mauj Masti!

Pola Festival

Pola Festival | Image Resource : india.com

This festival is celebrated mainly in Maharashtra. It relates to bull worshipping that is celebrated by farmers on a new moon day. On this traditional village festival farmers cook delicious meals, bathe their cattle and also play outdoor games such as Kabaddi, Volleyball and Kho-Kho. It is scheduled to be celebrated on the 12th of September this year.

Maharashtra Celebrates the Punyatithi of Sant Savata Mali

Sant Savata Mali Punyatithi (संत सावता माळी पुण्यतिथी)

Sant Savata Mali Punyatithi (संत सावता माळी पुण्यतिथी) | Image Resource : santsavatamali.co.in

Sant Savata Mali is better known as the contemporary of Sant Namdev. He too was a worshipper of the lord Vishnu and said to have lost himself many a times in devoting his time to God. The people of Maharashtra believe that Vishnu himself visited him because the Sant was too poor to make a trip to the temple of Vithoba.

Pay Respects To Sant Namdev’s Punyatithi With His Bhajans.

Sant Namdev Punyatithi (संत नामदेव पुण्यतिथी)

Sant Namdev Punyatithi (संत नामदेव पुण्यतिथी) | Image Resource : sameaf.mfa.go.th

Sant Namdev is a seer who hailed from Maharashtra and devoted his life to Lord Vishnu. He is famous for his bhajans on the lord and people from Maharashtra sing them as an ode to him and Lord Vishnu in the Pandharpur. The sant’s punyatithi is a day which is very religious to the people of Maharashtra.