Mahabaleshwar Hill Station For Romance And Adventure

Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

Mahabaleshwar Hill Station | Image Resource :

Mahabaleshwar is one of the most prominent hill stations in India. Every now and then you come across tour packages to Mahabaleshwar. It is an ideal location for people of different age groups and for different reasons. Here is a glimpse at the unique Mahabaleshwar Hill Station and its diverse attractive facets.

Three Monkey Point Mahabaleshwar

Three Monkey Point Mahabaleshwar | Image Resource :

The Three Monkey Point
The three monkeys of Gandhiji are popular around the world. The monkeys that tell you not to speak evil, hear evil or say evil are now synonymous with idols of virtue. You may have come across these idols in gift shops among souvenirs. Now imagine seeing three rocks that are naturally carved to depict these monkeys. The rocks at Mahabaleshwar’s Three Monkey Point are naturally carved in that shape. Isn’t it amazing?

Needle Hole Point Mahabaleshwar

Needle Hole Point Mahabaleshwar | Image Resource :

Needle Hole Point
If you love natural and are keen to visit the scenic locations of India, Mahabaleshwar has several wonders laid for you. The Needle Point is a natural rock formation which has a hole at the centre. Photographers often visit these places to click their masterpiece.

Wilson Point Mahabaleshwar

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Wilson Point
Visiting Mahabaleshwar and missing out on Wilson Point would be the most foolish decision. This is the only place in India where you can witness sunrise as well as sunset in one location. It is unique and was named after Governor Wilson.

Venna Lake Mahabaleshwar

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Venna Lake
The boat journey through this lake can be truly enjoyable. The lake is surrounded by trees on all sides. Tourists often click scenic photographs while rowing through this lake. It is an enjoyable journey.

Mahabaleshwar Lovely Romantic Cottages

Mahabaleshwar Lovely Romantic Cottages | Image Resource :

The Lovely Romantic Cottages
Couples often visit Mahabaleshwar for long weekends. Many people even make this a common honeymoon location. There are several cottages that offer superior facilities amidst the scenic hill station. It can be a great pleasure trip for families and couples.

Ways to reach Mahabaleshwar – You can reach mahabaleshwar by road or by train from these routes

The Train Travel
There are trains from Satara that head to Mahabaleshwar. It is a fun experience to travel by train. You get to traverse hills and view nature at close quarters. It is a great experience. Mahabaleshwar is surely one of the noteworthy tourist locations in Maharashtra.

The Bus Travel
MSRTC offers frequent services to the travelers at affordable prices which makes the journey very comfortable.

Read below mentioned chart to choose your preferred route

Location Distance Time
GOA to Mahabaleshwar 406 KM 6 hrs.
Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar 263 KM 4 hrs.
Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar 593 KM 10 hrs.
Pune to Mahabaleshwar 116 KM 2 hrs.
Aurangabad to Mahabaleshwar 350 KM 6 hrs.
Nagpur to Mahabaleshwar 824 KM 13 hrs.
Surat to Mahabaleshwar 530 KM 8 hrs.
Kolhapur to Mahabaleshwar 183 KM 2 hrs.
Nasik to Mahabaleshwar 397 KM 6 hrs.
Solapur to Mahabaleshwar 283 KM 5 hrs.

Roadmap to reach Mahabaleshwar (via Goa, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Surat, Kilhapur, Nasik, Solapur)