Prominent Tourist Location In Mumbai : Elephanta Caves

A visit to the Elephanta Caves can be ideal when you get a weekend off. It is an ancient Buddhist cave and you can visit the caves with a couple of friends to accompany you or you may plan a visit all alone.

Excursion Boats for Elephanta Island

Excursion Boats for Elephanta Island | Image Resource :

Pack up some light snacks like sandwiches, a packet of Lays, a few cans of Coke and a couple of fruits as it will help you pass time during the journey. It is wise to wake up early because the travel was not going to be easy. You will have to take a cab from the CST station to reach Gateway of India. A boat ride of roughly an hour takes you to the Elephanta Caves.

The Climb To The Caves
Both sides of the steps were lined with hawkers selling all sorts of extraordinary items at truly cheap rates. There are hats, binoculars, cigarette lighters and keychains being sold. You may also came across lovely jewelry for women and attractive wooden toys for kids.

Attractive Ladies Jewelry At Elephanta

Attractive Ladies Jewelry At Elephanta | Image Resource :

The Impeccable Sculptures
If you do not have enough stamina, you will be sweating and rushing into the caves by the time you reach on top. People usually entertain themselves by clicking crazy pictures out there. If you have been there before, you will be  touched by seeing the dilapidated condition of the idols. You may notice that a few parts of the original sculpture are now missing.

The Tiresome Journey Back
The journey back is really tiresome. You may want to rush to some nice restaurant and eat like a hog. It is usually very hot and humid weather making you feel very tired. The boat journey back to Gateway is extremely silent as everyone is tired and exhausted.

The Filling Lunch
After a journey to the Elephanta Caves, the best lunch you can have is at Sher-E-Punjab restaurant. The food is exotic and delectable. They have a palette of unique Punjabi, Tandoori and Chinese cuisine. The food was awesome and worth every penny we spent.