Gateway of India, the magnificent monument which signaled the end of the British regime

Gateway Of India Mumbai

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I am very much interested in culture and tradition of India. Being in Mumbai Gate way of India attracted me a lot and really wanted to know the history of it. There are many monuments in various parts of India such as the Gateway of India- imposing, impressive and impeccable. Built in the Indo-Sarcenic type, the credit of the design goes to George Whittet, a specialist in architectural designs. Some of the facets of the Gateway also emulate Muslim architecture that was rampant at the time of its construction. The beauty and the uniqueness of the construction are such that if one watches through the gate the vast expanse of the blue sea mesmerizes the onlooker.

Gateway Of India

Gateway Of India | Image Resource :

Although the monument had been conceptualized as early as 1911 but it was not until 1924, that the monument had been built. The distinction of placing its foundation stone goes to the then Governor of Bombay, Sir George Sydenham Clarke. It was to serve as a commemoration for the arrival of King George and Queen Mary on the soil of Mumbai. But the real reason why the monument continues to be significant is because it had finally witnessed the departure of the last British infantry from India putting an end to the chapter of British rule in India.

Sir George Sydenham Clarke, Governor of Bombay (1907-1913)

Sir George Sydenham Clarke, Governor of Bombay (1907-1913) | Image Resource :

Tourists visiting the Gateway of India can do so at any time of the day or night. It stands resplendent in its own glory and is a true mark of Indian independence. As a hub of tourist activity presently, the monument attracts both natives and foreigners who like to visit places of historical significances.

Elephanta Caves Mumbai

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People planning to visit the Gateway of India also avail motor boats to reach the Elephant Caves which is yet another amazing place to cover when in Mumbai. It is flanked by the statues of Swami Vivekananda and the great leader Shivaji and is one of the must-see things. One of the most prestigious hotels of the Taj Group can be seen in the vicinity of the monument which makes it very easy for the upscale tourists to explore the area.

As a jewel of Southern Mumbai, the Gateway of India can be seen at the farthest end of the Apollo Bunder and is truly a remarkable place to be in.