Voyage Begins With Saurabh Khilare.

I am not a hardcore blogger but I definitely enjoy penning my thoughts. I started this blog for the new age readers who are allergic to text and require some gadget to consider the article or story worth reading. There are several dreams and desires which I wish to fulfil through this blog.

Festivals add colour and beauty to our nation. I believe that all the festivals should be celebrated in their full glory. We celebrate all Maharashtrian Festivals with all love and utmost enthusiasm

I am also a great street food enthusiast and will love to share my expertise on street food with you. No Mumbaikar can live without street food. I am a foodie and will be sharing hotel and restaurant reviews of different places in Maharashtra. You may also share your special feedback regarding the same and it will always be welcome.

I wish to travel the remote corners of Maharashtra and explore its traditions and cultures. I will be sharing on this blog my experiences. I will also love to share with my fellow readers the lovely pictures we took during our family picnics and vacations.

Travelling is never easy for a student or a bachelor. All the hotels and resorts seem to charge too much while an ordinary student fails to get even a moderate train ticket. I have come across a few tricks to save money on travelling expenses and I will be happy to share this information with you.

I am also crazy about sports and I guess that is a problem all males have. The FIFA rage is in the air and Mumbaikars spend sleepless nights to have a glimpse of the world champions battling on the football ground. I hope to cheer the teams with this little blog.

Hoping to see a lot of jolly interaction with my readers and some truly useful comments. You may even get in touch with me on my Facebook fanpage where I interact with my readers.