Best ever Mobile app for Surprise Foodfix

During College years Birthday is one of the most important day in a student’s life. It comes with full of surprises from friends, family, teachers and well wishers. We all love and appreciate special attention and care that we get from our loved ones on our special days. I remember one such incident vividly that makes me nostalgic. We threw a surprise visit and a treat for one of our friends that made him speechless and emotional. Myself, Saurabh Khillare, along with few of my friends decided to surprise our classmate Vihaan Patel on his birthday.

Vihan Patel used to stay as a PG in CST area of Mumbai. On his birthday, it was not possible for him to meet us personally due to some personal reason. So we decided that we will visit him uninformed and make his day special. Once we reached his place, he was astonished looking at me and others together at his place. Now the dilemma for me was where to order food from since the location was totally new!

After giving much thought, suddenly I happen to remember about one App known as “TinyOwl app” that would help me in the best way. I immediately downloaded the app and started searching for different nearby food locations and eateries.

TinyOwl App

TinyOwl App

It firstly asked me to feed my current location using GPS. I went ahead as per the instructions, but due to bad weather and congested location, the GPS was unable to track my location exactly. Now this wonderful app had an extraordinary feature or functionality of feeding the location manually.

Once I entered my location in the field provided, TinyOwl app highlighted options on the screen showing various restaurants and food joints. Along with the eateries and food joint names, the app also showed up all the different dishes or cuisines available.

After glancing through the entire option, I thought what a great app it was that will help its users on any new location. I believe, with this app handy, one doesn’t have to worry and waste time looking for a good restaurant or eatery on any new location he or she visits.

One of the best feature of this TinyOwl app was that along with various dishes, it also displayed the number of servings and its cost.

Since I was a college student with limited cash in my pocket, this feature really meant a lot to me. We were in a good number gathered for the surprise party so using this functionality I could easily decide on the menu.

TinyOwl app provides advance filtration features that along with food joints and various cuisines and its rates.

TinyOwl app filtration

TinyOwl app advance filtration helps to choose best food deal

it also provides us with a feature where we can customize our order based on different parameters. When choosing for an option, we can place our total number of orders, its rate, delivery time and its popularity via star rating.

Now, as per the party plan, we wanted to throw a lunch but it was still too early for it. In the meanwhile, we thought of ordering some refreshment. Again the app-TinyOwl made my day easy since it gives access to the complete menu card which helps in deciding the available food according to the budget. Since it was early morning, we ordered different flavoured juices and milkshakes from the nearby Patil Juice Centre.

TinyOwl app gives full access to Patil juice center menu

TinyOwl app gives full access to Patil juice center menu

For the cake cutting occasion, we ordered Ferraro Roacher large cake from Cafe Markiv using this app. There was a song and dance round post cake cutting as a part of the celebration. We all enjoyed a lot and made every single second special.

Cafe Markiv

TinyOwl app helped us to order a cake from Cafe Markiv

After rocking the floor, we all were hungry and thought of ordering Vihaan’s favourite North Indian food from Balgi Hotel that will make his day more special. Again TinyOwl app came to our rescue and we had our food soon at our doorstep.

Balgi Hotel

TinyOwl app serves our north Indian food quench & helped to search Balgi Hotel through its advance filters

Another feature or functionality of TinyOwl app bowled was its e-wallet feature that makes easy payment. This app helps in saving and managing all your order history for future reference. The main menu of this TinyOwl app features different fields like Home, My orders, Notifications, TinyOwl Money, Free Meals and Contact Us along with its icons.

TinyOwl app Menu

TinyOwl app Menu

I can say that I have great experience using this fabulous TinyOwl app. This app made my day easy thus giving me relaxed party planning opportunity giving more time to enjoy with Vihaan and others. So if you wish to use this app and see for yourself its awesomeness, download it soon on your smart phones. This wonderful TinyOwl app is available for both Android & iOS smart phones.

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