The Spirit Of Freedom : Celebrated In A Million Ways On World Tourism Day!

Man is born free and tourism promotes this concept. A famous quote says,

“Every time we travel we become a part of the global movement, which has the power to bring about a positive change all over the world and in people”.

World Tourism

World Tourism | Image Resource :

How true it is, that tourism is nothing but a celebration of the free spirit of mankind. It stands for exchanging of ideas and culture, and of course it is a learning experience. Bringing the world closer is, The World Tourism Day celebration, initiated by the UNWTO – United Nations World Tourism Organisation, since the year 1980. And ever since it has been celebrated with much enthusiasm every year on the 27th of September.

UNWTO - United Nations World Tourism Organization

UNWTO – United Nations World Tourism Organization | Image Resource :

The day 27th of September holds a special meaning, as the Statutes, meaning the decrees of the UNWTO were adopted on this day. This is of course a landmark milestone in the world tourism. The real aim of this day is creation, and raising of awareness among the international and national community, about the significant role tourism plays, affecting the society, its culture, politics and economy all across the globe.

Each year this day is special, because of the theme it selects. Then the celebrations are woven around the particular idea, all over the world. Generally a message is sent by the UNWTO Secretary General, to all tourism organisations and offices, about how they can generate the enthusiasm of the world citizens about the role of tourism, by participation.

The tourist centre and agencies participate enthusiastically, taking the theme of the year into consideration. Various attractive themes are selected like, Tourism connecting cultures, Tourism and energetic sustainability. A variety of competitions are held on this day, namely photo competitions, tourism award functions and much more. All these basically underline the celebratory spirit of promoting tourism.

Millions of tourists, millions of opportunities

“Millions of tourists, millions of opportunities” – 2015 Theme of the Year | Image Resource :

The theme of the year 2015 is, “Millions of tourists, millions of opportunities”. This proves how tourism is every growing, and affecting the economic sectors all around the globe. As it offers various attractive destinations for tourists, it is also the main source of income for the developing countries. So we can safely bet that tourism, affects a million lives each day.

Happy World Tourism Day 2015

Happy World Tourism Day 2015 | Image Resource :

Travel and Tourism Fair : A Wide Showcase of the best in Tourism!

Travel and Tourism Fair 2015

Travel and Tourism Fair 2015 | Image Resource :

This network was first started in the year 1989. This trade show covers eleven outbound tourism markets such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Bombay etc. Different dates are allotted to different cities. There are about 2500 exhibitors from 76 different countries coming this year.

Chic Ambience Of Bella Vista Resort Mahabaleshwar : A Haven Of Peace!

For people living in Maharashtra especially Mumbai, short sojourns mean a lot. They are blessed with having lot of tiny hill stations which lie nearby where they can reach in a few hours’ time. Naturally with Mumbaikars, being hard pressed for time it is a blessing in disguise.

Mahableshwar View

Mahableshwar View | Image Resource :

For people living in Mumbai, Mahableshwar is synonymous with a cool pleasant climate, dense rain forest and of course its proximity. There are many hotels in this lovely hill station; however the most chic hotel is, The Bella Vista Resort, Mahableshwar. It scores, over other resorts as it offers a breath-taking view of the green tree covers, and the Lingmala valley all the way up to the Panchgani which is another popular hill station.

Panchgani Hill Station

Panchgani Hill Station | Image Resource :

The resort has the most soothing environs, combining the local traditional décor with contemporary. As one enters it, the feeling of spaciousness is all encompassing. Away from the din and constant cacophony of horns and traffic, which a typical Mumbaikar faces and has come to dread, this hotels provides a complete refreshing and peaceful experience to the vacationer.

Bella Vista Resort Mahabaleshwar

Bella Vista Resort Mahabaleshwar | Image Resource :

The rooms are designed for maximum comfort. The varieties offered in rooms are many, making the selection of rooms a genuine pleasure. It has Premium, Deluxe, Executive, Standard and Deluxe Valley. Every room is spacious, with T.V, Tea and coffee maker. The bathrooms have separate shower cubicles. And the cherry on the cake is, the attached balcony. What a wonderful way to enjoy the glorious riot of greenery around!

The fully air-conditioned restaurant, in this resort makes each meal time, a time to celebrate. The delicious cuisines on offer are again something which can please any foodie. The café is also at your service for any time hunger pangs, which can be appeased by enjoying the yummy snacks served.

Swimming Pool at Bella Vista Resort

Swimming Pool at Bella Vista Resort | Image Resource :

K&C Restaurant at Bella Vista Resort

K&C Restaurant at Bella Vista Resort | Image Resource :

This resort is not just for holiday makers and families, it is the choice of many official and business meets. The facilities like the meeting hall, with a capacity of accommodating 10 to 200 people make it a top choice among the business community. Its tranquil surroundings make it the perfect venue for many team building activities.

Conference Hall for business meetings at Bella Vista Resort

Conference Hall for business meetings at Bella Vista Resort | Image Resource :

The resort’s location is sure winner. All the tourist places worth visiting like lakes, gardens and market place are within easy reach. The calming ambience of this resort, is sure to win any ones heart!

Enjoy The Great Fun In Kaas Plateau

Visit Kaas Plateau and Thoseghar Waterfalls

Visit Kaas Plateau and Thoseghar Waterfalls | Image Resource :

We will be visiting the Kaas Plateau and Thoseghar waterfalls on 13th September 2015. The whole event’s cost comes up to 1700 rupees per head. If you take five people then a group discount can be availed. The last date for registration is on 5th September 2015. The above cost includes food and entrance fees as well!

A Lavish And A Grand Experience Awaits At Aamby Valley City!

Traveling to exotic locations is always a great pleasure for me. Most of us like to spend our holiday time, at a good and peaceful location so that we can enjoy the time we get off from our busy schedules. The state of Maharashtra has many such exotic locations, perfect for short getaways. There are many parks, lavish resorts and much more which has come up lately in the state. These are really good places, which one can explore and deeply relax at.

Aamby Valley City Resort Pune

Aamby Valley City Resort Pune | Image Resource :

One of the most beautiful resorts that I had been to recently was one of my best experiences. We, a group of friends, decided to visit the Aamby Valley City in Pune for a short relaxing holiday. This is a luxurious resort and extremely good for a break from the normal routine life. The resort is located in an amazingly green environment with a great view of the Sahyadri Mountains range. The resort is spread over a huge area of 10,000 acres and built exotically.

Sahyadri Mountains range

Sahyadri Mountains range | Image Resource :

It has everything one needs to feel calm and relaxed. There are private swimming pools that sparkle nothing but beauty. Resort facilities includes spa, sauna, fitness centers and much more. We engaged in activities like beach volleyball, and also some adventurous water sports. This resort also offers horse riding activity and we can enjoy the ride right through the beautiful lawns!

The exceptional cuisines served here are amazing and worth trying out. A number of lavish restaurants like Four Seasons, Lagoon and others have their restaurants in the resort and one can enjoy their sumptuous meals at one of these. We were served a variety of dishes of our choice at our rooms. At the resort, you can choose the style of rooms you desire.

Musical Water Fountain at Aamby Vally Resort

Musical Water Fountain at Aamby Vally Resort | Image Resource :

There are villas, some more types like Burmese, Australian Chalet, Aussie rooms and many more which one could book according to their convenience. Being at this resort was a totally amazing experience and I would definitely recommend this one if you are planning a getaway with your friends and family.

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Aashadhi Ekadashi (आषाढी एकादशी) – The Religious Pilgrimage for Hindu’s

Aashadhi Ekadashi (आषाढी एकादशी)

Aashadhi Ekadashi (आषाढी एकादशी)

This day is said to fall on the eleventh of Ashad month known as the great Ekadashi. Hindu’s believe Lord Vishnu falls asleep in cosmic meditation on this day for the next four months. This period is very auspicious and in most temples processions are held. Being the rainy season it usually falls during the months of June or July. Lord Vishnu awakens on Karthik Ekadashi.

Pack Your Bags For Some Lavish Lonavala Holidays This Monsoon!

Close to Lonavala lie many exotic locations like Tiger hills, Lohagad, Bhushi Dam, Karla Caves and many more lovely destinations. When most people think of making a trip to Pune the first thing that instantly hit their mind is taking a trip into the high mountains of Lonavala.

High mountains of Lonavala

High mountains of Lonavala | Image Resource :

For me, there is nothing quite like driving my car through the steep mountains at my own clip, halting where and when I want. No doubt, rest assured in any weather Lonavala has its own beauty but the monsoons in Lonavala can leave you with a state-of-the-art driving experience as it adorns a magical quality during the rains. The best thing about this place is that it is approximately 100 kilometers from my place in Mumbai.

During Monsoons, I see that I book my room in one of the best Lonavala resorts for my weekend and the day usually starts with waking up early in the morning and starting my drive. Today, the online platforms have made things a lot easier to us and booking is over in a jiffy. As soon as I type Lonavala resorts, the search page brings about hundreds of results within my pocket’s range. Some of the hot favorites among the tourists are Avion Holiday Resort, Della Resorts, Fariyas Holiday Resort etc.

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The Mumbai-Pune expressway helps the Mumbaites to reach this charming hill station can reach within two hours. If you are not using a car, you also have an option to rent a vehicle as there are plenty of vehicles going to-and-fro on the expressway.

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway | Image Resource :

Even at 2 pm, despite the sun shining through, you can see Lonavala cloaked in fog. This is what I love the most about visiting Lonavala in monsoons. I always take my first stop at Tiger Point to watch the beautiful scenic views of the Tiger hills and have different kind of Bhajis over there. Since I get two days to spend in Lonavala, I spend at least three-four hours sitting and looking at the majestic landscapes of the hill.

Tiger Point at Lonavala

Tiger Point at Lonavala | Image Resource :

Once in Lonavala, you can also get ready to taste some of the exotic south Indian snacks as well as Punjabi food from the small eateries in the tourist destinations. Most of the Lonavala resorts have adopted the world-class standards and they even arrange tours to explore Pawna Lake, Karla Caves and natural fountains. So just pack your bags and get ready for the awesome holidays in Lonavala during the monsoons which give you truly an ethereal experience.

Think Green and Live Green (वन महोत्सव सप्ताह)

Van Mahotsava Week (वन महोत्सव सप्ताह)

Van Mahotsava Week (वन महोत्सव सप्ताह) | Image Resource :

Think Green and Live Green is the most apt way to describe the ‘Van Mahotsava Week’ which is celebrated from July 1st  (Wednesday) to July 7th (Tuesday) 2015 . It is a great crusade launched for saving the Mother Earth from destruction and many activists are on the forefront to motivate the youngsters and every citizen is expected to plant a sapling and save this planet. This day is also called as the Forest Day.

Why Mumbai Love Monsoon : The Joyful First Showers!

Mumbai is a centre where many cultures co exist. It is a city of dreams, a city of Bollywood, a city of handsome actors and beautiful actresses. It is where people come to fulfill their long sought after dreams and desires. It is a sea of people travelling in local trains and eating Vada Pav by the roadsides.

Teenagers enjoying the rains at the seafront on Marine Drive, Mumbai

Teenagers enjoying the rains at the seafront on Marine Drive, Mumbai | Image Resource :

But none of this beats the hot summers, cold winters and the refreshing rains. The monsoons are something every Mumbaikar wishes for until the moment they arrive. The rains bring much respite from the summer heat and humidity caused by the sea.

The rainy season is also an excellent time for the hawkers who sell umbrellas and rain coats by the road sides. The articles get sold out within minutes like hot cakes and the sellers make the best of the moment. It is also a very prosperous time for the roadside venders who sell tea, coffee and pakoras. Every person in Mumbai wishes for hot pakoras and tea after a shower.

Hawker who sell umbrellas by the road side in mumbai

Hawker who sell umbrellas by the road side in mumbai | Image Resource :

Vender who sell tea, coffee on road at mumbai

Vender who sell tea, coffee on road at mumbai | Image Resource :

Visions of people wearing rain coats and gumboots and making the most of their articles in the wardrobe meant for the rainy season can be seen. The local Maharastrian working women wear their saris up while they sell their wares like flowers etc. Even the college students are busy buying their stock of water proof make up.

The people who have to travel in the public trains however get the downers because the tracks are filled with water and by the time they reach their work destination their clothes are ruined. But even they take a breath of relief when it showers because they have to face the worst of the heat too and they clearly prefer the wet rains over the sweaty summers.

Children returning back from schools in the evening rush home expecting piping hot Maggi to be served. All sorts of delicacies meant for the rainy season like boiled ground nuts and steamed corn are enjoyed by the people here. The Mumbaikars enjoy the little pleasures of life fully during the season.

Boiled Ground Nuts

Boiled Ground Nuts | Image Resource :

Steamed corn with majoram butter

Steamed corn with majoram butter | Image Resource :

Imagica Adlabs – The Perfect Way To Spend The Summer!

Imagica Adlabs

Imagica Adlabs | Image Resource :

Theme Parks are everybody’s dream summer destination. Until now theme parks in India have been limited to a few mediocre rides but the upcoming Imagica Adlabs is promised to be the biggest, most thrilling amusement theme park in India. It is being advertised at the Desi – Disneyland complete with characters from the Bollywood and adaptations from the folktales of India.

There are many specialties like the roller coaster food rider, where patrons are served food on a mini roller coaster. There is also a Mr. India ride where the villain from the movie greets the guests inside a tunnel. An added reason for thrill comes with the fact that Imagica Adlabs is home to the biggest roller coaster ride in India ever. Also there is a new ride which swings the riders back and forth while they are rotating.

There is a ride where the visitors are greeted by an archaeologist guide who leads them into a secret opening which has walls decorated by art which is local to India and statues of gods and goddesses which propel fire and water. Apart from the rides the dining table has a lot to offer to the visitors. There are restaurants which serve Mexican and American food amongst others.

Adlabs Imagica - Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr

Adlabs Imagica – Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr | Image Resource :

There is also a ride which follows the theme of the Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, an Arabian tale which is quite popular in India. The tickets are priced at an affordable 1200 INR for adults and 900 INR for children. There is also an option of VIP tickets available which saves the visitor’s time as they don’t have to wait in queues. These tickets are priced at 2200 INR for adults and 1900 INR for children.

There is something entertaining for every member of the family in Imagica Adlabs. Our visit was satisfactory but we couldn’t enjoy full since there were still some rides which were under construction when we visited. But new rides have opened up now and I look forward to visiting it again and having a wonderful time in both the water and the land rides.