Cherish Authentic Italian Food in Mumbai Restaurants

Italian Cuisine defined by its culture and traditions, presents world with a gastronomic bonanza.  Italian food is combination of vibrant colors on the plate with balanced acidity.  Spaghetti, Bruschetta, Risotto or tortellini are some of the best known authentic dishes of Italy. With rising Indian demand for Italian Cuisine, one should know authentic restaurants to enjoy them.  Mumbai is diverse in its culture and therefore finding an authentic restaurant to enjoy such delicious cuisine is not a difficult task. Five star restaurants like Grand Hyatt, Celini, Little Italy etc are the best restaurants to enjoy Italian Cuisine.

Let us first discuss the elegant delicacies of Italy :

  • Bruschetta: – Best Snack or appetizer, it is made up of garlic bread rubbed with olive oil topped with fresh tomatoes, vegetables, beans, cured meat or cheese. Enjoy this at Little Italy.

  • Neapolitan pizza (Margherita): – A common fast food choice of people all over the world when it comes to Italian Cuisine. It includes: a Wheat dough, tomatoes, and Mozzarella Cheese, basil leaves. Enjoy this at Romano’s – JW Marriott.

  • Ravioli: – A fast food wherein a dumpling is sealed with filling between two sheets of pasta. The filling includes ricotta cheese, spinach, nutmeg and black pepper. Enjoy this at Cafe Zoe.

  • Fettuccine Alfredo: – Being considered as a primo, first meal after antipasto, Fettuccine Alfredo is a pasta made up of parmesan cheese and butter. Enjoy this at Indigo.

  • Risotto: – Categorized in primo section, Risotto is neither light nor heavy. Risotto defines the traditional cuisine of Italy. A rice dish which is cooked in broth till you get the creamy layer of rice. Broth can consist meat, fish, or vegetables. Enjoy this at Celini – Grand Hyatt.

5 Amazing Trekking Experiences near Mumbai

Trekking places near Mumbai

Trekking places near Mumbai

A surprise in store for people who love adventure as well as embracing nature. Trekking is fun when you know exactly how to go with it. Mumbai, is a metropolitan city, but amidst it are beautiful natural beauty that is worth admiring. The experience of trekking plus the fresh air of natural beauty is something to crave for. We have listed trekking places around Mumbai that are worth a shot.


  • Location : 15 km trekking distance from Lonavala.
  • Why Rajmachi? :  It is declared as protected Monument. – Best trek for the starters. – Great nature view.
  • Level : Easy


  • Location : 3-4 km on west side of Neral, near Matheran.
  • Why Peb? :  Peb is also called ‘Vikatgad’ for its supposed shape of the Elephant Headed God. – The fort is famous for its caves which are maintained.
  • Level : Moderate


  • Location : 20kms from Lonavala.
  • Why Lohagad? : A very easy trek and starters can get a a great hang of the experience. – Trek cum picnic spot, you can enjoy quality time with your family and friends while embracing nature.
  • Level : Easy


  • Location : 170 kms from pune and 210 kms from Mumbai. Situated at the base village from Northern side of Paachnai and the base village from Southern side is Khireshwar.
  • Why Harishchandra? :  Historic caves, have origin since 6th century. – Konkan kada, Tramati peak, Kedareshwar temple are must a visit.
  • Level : Difficult


  • Location : 55 km from Kalyan in Murbad.
  • Why Naneghat? : Naneghat literally means coin pass, as initially toll was collected from the traders while passing this hill. – Covered in natural beauty Naneghat will give you both adventure as well as a great refreshment.
  • Level : Moderate.

The above are the best places for trekking around Mumbai and adventurous people should surely tap these places for excitement and fun. What are you waiting for?? Go grab your backpack and sail off.

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Gather For The Best Blues Music Festival This Season!

mahindra blues festival

Mahindra Blues Festival | Image Resource :

This year the Mahindra Blues Festival has names like Malina Moye and Joss Stone to boast of and has been named as one of the best blues festival in the country. It is taking place over a span of 2 days (13th and 14th February) at the Mehboob Studios located in 10 Hill Road, Bandra West.

A Lavish And A Grand Experience Awaits At Aamby Valley City!

Traveling to exotic locations is always a great pleasure for me. Most of us like to spend our holiday time, at a good and peaceful location so that we can enjoy the time we get off from our busy schedules. The state of Maharashtra has many such exotic locations, perfect for short getaways. There are many parks, lavish resorts and much more which has come up lately in the state. These are really good places, which one can explore and deeply relax at.

Aamby Valley City Resort Pune

Aamby Valley City Resort Pune | Image Resource :

One of the most beautiful resorts that I had been to recently was one of my best experiences. We, a group of friends, decided to visit the Aamby Valley City in Pune for a short relaxing holiday. This is a luxurious resort and extremely good for a break from the normal routine life. The resort is located in an amazingly green environment with a great view of the Sahyadri Mountains range. The resort is spread over a huge area of 10,000 acres and built exotically.

Sahyadri Mountains range

Sahyadri Mountains range | Image Resource :

It has everything one needs to feel calm and relaxed. There are private swimming pools that sparkle nothing but beauty. Resort facilities includes spa, sauna, fitness centers and much more. We engaged in activities like beach volleyball, and also some adventurous water sports. This resort also offers horse riding activity and we can enjoy the ride right through the beautiful lawns!

The exceptional cuisines served here are amazing and worth trying out. A number of lavish restaurants like Four Seasons, Lagoon and others have their restaurants in the resort and one can enjoy their sumptuous meals at one of these. We were served a variety of dishes of our choice at our rooms. At the resort, you can choose the style of rooms you desire.

Musical Water Fountain at Aamby Vally Resort

Musical Water Fountain at Aamby Vally Resort | Image Resource :

There are villas, some more types like Burmese, Australian Chalet, Aussie rooms and many more which one could book according to their convenience. Being at this resort was a totally amazing experience and I would definitely recommend this one if you are planning a getaway with your friends and family.

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Pack Your Bags For Some Lavish Lonavala Holidays This Monsoon!

Close to Lonavala lie many exotic locations like Tiger hills, Lohagad, Bhushi Dam, Karla Caves and many more lovely destinations. When most people think of making a trip to Pune the first thing that instantly hit their mind is taking a trip into the high mountains of Lonavala.

High mountains of Lonavala

High mountains of Lonavala | Image Resource :

For me, there is nothing quite like driving my car through the steep mountains at my own clip, halting where and when I want. No doubt, rest assured in any weather Lonavala has its own beauty but the monsoons in Lonavala can leave you with a state-of-the-art driving experience as it adorns a magical quality during the rains. The best thing about this place is that it is approximately 100 kilometers from my place in Mumbai.

During Monsoons, I see that I book my room in one of the best Lonavala resorts for my weekend and the day usually starts with waking up early in the morning and starting my drive. Today, the online platforms have made things a lot easier to us and booking is over in a jiffy. As soon as I type Lonavala resorts, the search page brings about hundreds of results within my pocket’s range. Some of the hot favorites among the tourists are Avion Holiday Resort, Della Resorts, Fariyas Holiday Resort etc.

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The Mumbai-Pune expressway helps the Mumbaites to reach this charming hill station can reach within two hours. If you are not using a car, you also have an option to rent a vehicle as there are plenty of vehicles going to-and-fro on the expressway.

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway | Image Resource :

Even at 2 pm, despite the sun shining through, you can see Lonavala cloaked in fog. This is what I love the most about visiting Lonavala in monsoons. I always take my first stop at Tiger Point to watch the beautiful scenic views of the Tiger hills and have different kind of Bhajis over there. Since I get two days to spend in Lonavala, I spend at least three-four hours sitting and looking at the majestic landscapes of the hill.

Tiger Point at Lonavala

Tiger Point at Lonavala | Image Resource :

Once in Lonavala, you can also get ready to taste some of the exotic south Indian snacks as well as Punjabi food from the small eateries in the tourist destinations. Most of the Lonavala resorts have adopted the world-class standards and they even arrange tours to explore Pawna Lake, Karla Caves and natural fountains. So just pack your bags and get ready for the awesome holidays in Lonavala during the monsoons which give you truly an ethereal experience.

Sweet Dish Cuisine From Maharashtra : Unique And Flavorful!

Maharashtra is much more than Shivaji, Ganesha Festival and Vada Pav. The Maharastrian cuisine is elaborate and diverse just the like the people who live there. The cuisine ranges from sweet to sour to spicy preparations which are all deliciously prepared.

There are a number of lip smacking desserts and savory dishes from Maharashtra. One stands out and has the tagline of being the most famous dish from Maharashtra. It is known to the world as Puran Poli. It can be described as chapattis which are stuffed with lentils cooked in jaggery that is generally flavored with cardamom and cinnamon. The stuffed chapattis are roasted on both the sides and served hot with clarified butter.

Puran Poli (पुरण पोळी)

Puran Poli (पुरण पोळी) | Image Resource :

Another delicious sweet dish is the Shrikhand. It is a dessert made of yoghurt flavored with dry fruits. The yoghurt is first thickened and sugar is added to it and whipped. It is decorated with rose syrup and chopped dry fruits for added richness.

Shrikhand (श्रीखंड )

Shrikhand (श्रीखंड ) | Image Resource :

Another version of the shrikhand is the Amrakhand. Amrakhand is the same as shrikhand but pureed mango is added to it. Depending on the species of mango added, the flavor profile changes and garnishing is done with chopped almonds.

Amrakhand (आम्रखंड )

Amrakhand (आम्रखंड ) | Image Resource :

Sheera is another favorite of the locals. It is a simple dish made with few ingredients and is a staple of most meals. It is a Halwa made from the beaten wheat grains, jaggery and ghee. More ingredients like ripe bananas or dry fruits are added in certain parts of Maharashtra.

Sheera (शिरा)

Sheera (शिरा) | Image Resource :

Til Gul is a dessert revolving around the festival of harvest. It symbolizes the joys and sorrows of life. The til (sesame) portrays bitterness of life and the gul (jaggery) portrays the joy of life. The dish is served in a bowl directly and some prefer to make laddoos out of it and few others may serve it as a barfi.

Til Gul (तिळगुळ)

Til Gul (तिळगुळ) ( | Image Resource :

It is a wonder how even the native dishes come with a twist in the different regions of Maharashtra. Each of them enriched with the simplicity of the local produce grown in that area.

Imagica Adlabs – The Perfect Way To Spend The Summer!

Imagica Adlabs

Imagica Adlabs | Image Resource :

Theme Parks are everybody’s dream summer destination. Until now theme parks in India have been limited to a few mediocre rides but the upcoming Imagica Adlabs is promised to be the biggest, most thrilling amusement theme park in India. It is being advertised at the Desi – Disneyland complete with characters from the Bollywood and adaptations from the folktales of India.

There are many specialties like the roller coaster food rider, where patrons are served food on a mini roller coaster. There is also a Mr. India ride where the villain from the movie greets the guests inside a tunnel. An added reason for thrill comes with the fact that Imagica Adlabs is home to the biggest roller coaster ride in India ever. Also there is a new ride which swings the riders back and forth while they are rotating.

There is a ride where the visitors are greeted by an archaeologist guide who leads them into a secret opening which has walls decorated by art which is local to India and statues of gods and goddesses which propel fire and water. Apart from the rides the dining table has a lot to offer to the visitors. There are restaurants which serve Mexican and American food amongst others.

Adlabs Imagica - Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr

Adlabs Imagica – Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr | Image Resource :

There is also a ride which follows the theme of the Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, an Arabian tale which is quite popular in India. The tickets are priced at an affordable 1200 INR for adults and 900 INR for children. There is also an option of VIP tickets available which saves the visitor’s time as they don’t have to wait in queues. These tickets are priced at 2200 INR for adults and 1900 INR for children.

There is something entertaining for every member of the family in Imagica Adlabs. Our visit was satisfactory but we couldn’t enjoy full since there were still some rides which were under construction when we visited. But new rides have opened up now and I look forward to visiting it again and having a wonderful time in both the water and the land rides.

Why The Dream City And Melting Pot Mumbai Is Just Awesome!

“Mumbai’s Infectious. Once you start living in Mumbai, working in Mumbai,
I don’t think you can live anywhere else.” – YASH CHOPRA

Mumbai is a city that opens its heart and stretches its arm to lovingly enfold all who step their foot into this dream city. The minute your feet touches ground, the electrifying essence of this city swirls you into its vortex and there is no coming out of it without loving it from the depth of your heart! Many people come from far and near to give wings to their dreams and aspirations and it is a fact that this city gives them fame, name and glory.

We Love Mumbai

We Love Mumbai | Image Resource :

It is a melting pot of all communities and the only strong religion that everyone pays heed to is money and therefore there is no communal hostility! A lot of opportunities are open to every sect of the society and the suburbs of Mumbai show us the real meaning of sharing and caring with a giant heart amidst poverty and hardships.

There may be a shortage of place or material possessions but the hearts of people are very large and always open making you wonderstruck by the sheer magnanimity. Therefore, as the veteran film director Yash Chopra says, this city is truly infectious and once anyone starts living in Mumbai, he definitely cannot live anywhere else!

“Why Mumbai is Just Awesome starts”Res

The local trains in Mumbai are a sight to behold and it’s the heart , soul and the lifeline of the city! You need not take a big strain to get in or get out of these trains as the crowd pushes you out and pulls you in within a second! Whatever said, these trains connect the city well and boast of carrying 7.2 million commuters daily.

Mumbai Locals

Mumbai Locals | Image Resource :

For those who are fashion conscious, Mumbai is the New York of India since this city changes the fashion statement of the whole country. The street-side shops sell all accessories for a very low price and you can get the latest dresses, shoes, bags, etc. without making a hole in your pocket.

The street food is the best in Mumbai and it gives a tough competition to the food chains like Mc Donald’s, and Pizza Huts! The mouth-watering Vada Pav, Pani Puris, bhel puris, pav bhajis, is something to die for! The street food shops satiates the hunger pangs of all craving stomachs irrespective of the time of the day as you can find them open even at the wee hours of the night! Just like a mother feeds her children , these street food shops feeds people at a very low cost and this dream city , Mumbai takes care of all the monetary needs of its people as there is work for everyone in its womb!

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Best Places to Spend Summer Vacation in Maharashtra

Hi Guys! I’m Saurabh from Maharashtra. I’ve visited a few places of interest and I am truly passionate about updating my travel blog. I’ve created this blog to share my experiences with travel enthusiasts all over India and abroad.

I’m a student, but there are times when I feel like screaming for a break. I do carry some amount of stress while my exams are on but I truly make up for it and have a rollicking time during my summer break. My blog shows you through a few spectacular travel destinations in and around Maharashtra.

There are a few good places that can make your vacation worth remembering. Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Matheran, Khandala, Lonavala, Karala and Bhandardara are some of the eminent hill stations that await your presence during the hot summer months. You may be eager to find out why!

The Hill Station of Mahabaleshwar seems to be the right destination when you’re in a group. The mountain air passes by you as you stand amidst lush green valleys and lofty peaks of the mountain. Riding a pony, fishing and boating in the Venna Lake add more to your pleasure.

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If you’re up for honeymoon, the Matheran Hill station yields a nice option. You’ll be caught up in your own imagination as the toy train moves past monkeys and food vendors. You can enjoy your favorite Chikki, buy leather goods, chappals and hats and really get into the holiday mood!

Bhandardara Hill Station is another beautiful hill resort and its fun going in groups and of course honeymooners are also seen in plenty. The scenic forests, the Aurhur Lake and the nearby Wilson Dam are the prime attractions here and its worth every penny spent!

If you’ve already been to a number of hill stations, you may consider spending your vacation surrounded by the five hills of Panchgani. It’s hard to take your eyes off the coastal plains, but then you can’t miss out the Krishna River and its scenic beauty. The invitation of an old world charm draws numerous tourists to this hill station every summer.

Amazing view of the oastal plains and river Krishna at Panchgani

Amazing view of the oastal plains and river Krishna at Panchgani | Image Resource :

If you wish to spend your summer vacation watching the greenery while lying back, you may choose to visit hill stations like Lonavala, Khandala and Karla. You’ll only take about 3 hours to drive up to these hill stations; all three of these hill stations serve as weekend destinations for the residents of Mumbai. You’re bound to fall in love with the scenic locales once you reach the twin hill resorts of Lonavala and Khandala. You can make your trip simpler by riding on your bicycle, while your friends choose to opt for trekking. An 80 BC structure, the Karla Cave is an ancient Buddhist shrine that looks so attractive even today.

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All members of your household will find it interesting to visit these places. They come to you with a wholesome package of family entertainment. I planned the entire trip within few hours which includes finding the best flight and hotel booking. Stay tuned for my next post to know more about the summer vacation trip!

Understand The Gudi Padwa In A Deeper And Spiritual Sense Than Ever Before!

I, Saurabh Khillare, am a student by day and a culture enthusiast by choice. I’ve been born and raised in the loud cities of Maharashtra, learning the ways of my people! I can ensure you that no other place celebrates Gudi Padwa like Maharashtra does! The sheer energy and enthusiasm that people have will enlighten the mind, body and soul! This festival is celebrated by Hindus all over India but the names vary from place to place. This occasion marks the coming of a new year and a new beginning for the Hindus!

Gudi Padwa (गुढी पाडवा)

Gudi Padwa (गुढी पाडवा) | Image Resource :

This festive occasion is believed to be the day that Lord Brahma created the universe and thus holds great importance. In a Hindu household this occasion starts off with an auspicious bath, followed by decorating the doorway to the house with flowers and ‘toran’, performing age old rituals and hoisting the Gudi.

Mogra Toran (तोरण)

Mogra Toran (तोरण) | Image Resource :

According to Hindu scriptures the New Year is supposed to be celebrated on Chaitra Shuddha Pratipada and not according to the Western calendar as on January 1st. It is said that there is a Divine consciousness that is there during sunrise. It is established that the waves consisting of the fire principle are strengthened and activated on a huge scale during this time. This Divine consciousness is stored in the body cells and used when needed. Thus it is important to understand that the Gudi should be worshipped five to fifteen minutes after sunrise.

While raising the Gudi there are a few rules to be followed such as:

  • The area selected for raising the Gudi should be properly cleaned and a rangoli of the Swastik sign should be drawn so as to show purity.
  • The ‘Shiva Shakti’ principle in the universe should be brought to mind.
  • The Gudi should be raised at the entrance and should be tilted at a particular angle
Gudi (गुढी)

Gudi (गुढी) | Image Resource :

The principle of creation and the fire principle in the atmosphere are praised while chanting the prayer of the Gudi Padwa. Lord Brahma and lord Vishnu are prayed to let the Divine consciousness prevail at all times.

I am so proud to follow tradition and heritage that has a scientific aspect as well. Positive vibes and purity should be established so that new beginnings can start on a bright and happy note!