The Spirit Of Freedom : Celebrated In A Million Ways On World Tourism Day!

Man is born free and tourism promotes this concept. A famous quote says,

“Every time we travel we become a part of the global movement, which has the power to bring about a positive change all over the world and in people”.

World Tourism

World Tourism | Image Resource :

How true it is, that tourism is nothing but a celebration of the free spirit of mankind. It stands for exchanging of ideas and culture, and of course it is a learning experience. Bringing the world closer is, The World Tourism Day celebration, initiated by the UNWTO – United Nations World Tourism Organisation, since the year 1980. And ever since it has been celebrated with much enthusiasm every year on the 27th of September.

UNWTO - United Nations World Tourism Organization

UNWTO – United Nations World Tourism Organization | Image Resource :

The day 27th of September holds a special meaning, as the Statutes, meaning the decrees of the UNWTO were adopted on this day. This is of course a landmark milestone in the world tourism. The real aim of this day is creation, and raising of awareness among the international and national community, about the significant role tourism plays, affecting the society, its culture, politics and economy all across the globe.

Each year this day is special, because of the theme it selects. Then the celebrations are woven around the particular idea, all over the world. Generally a message is sent by the UNWTO Secretary General, to all tourism organisations and offices, about how they can generate the enthusiasm of the world citizens about the role of tourism, by participation.

The tourist centre and agencies participate enthusiastically, taking the theme of the year into consideration. Various attractive themes are selected like, Tourism connecting cultures, Tourism and energetic sustainability. A variety of competitions are held on this day, namely photo competitions, tourism award functions and much more. All these basically underline the celebratory spirit of promoting tourism.

Millions of tourists, millions of opportunities

“Millions of tourists, millions of opportunities” – 2015 Theme of the Year | Image Resource :

The theme of the year 2015 is, “Millions of tourists, millions of opportunities”. This proves how tourism is every growing, and affecting the economic sectors all around the globe. As it offers various attractive destinations for tourists, it is also the main source of income for the developing countries. So we can safely bet that tourism, affects a million lives each day.

Happy World Tourism Day 2015

Happy World Tourism Day 2015 | Image Resource :


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