A Lavish And A Grand Experience Awaits At Aamby Valley City!

Traveling to exotic locations is always a great pleasure for me. Most of us like to spend our holiday time, at a good and peaceful location so that we can enjoy the time we get off from our busy schedules. The state of Maharashtra has many such exotic locations, perfect for short getaways. There are many parks, lavish resorts and much more which has come up lately in the state. These are really good places, which one can explore and deeply relax at.

Aamby Valley City Resort Pune

Aamby Valley City Resort Pune | Image Resource : mouthshut.com

One of the most beautiful resorts that I had been to recently was one of my best experiences. We, a group of friends, decided to visit the Aamby Valley City in Pune for a short relaxing holiday. This is a luxurious resort and extremely good for a break from the normal routine life. The resort is located in an amazingly green environment with a great view of the Sahyadri Mountains range. The resort is spread over a huge area of 10,000 acres and built exotically.

Sahyadri Mountains range

Sahyadri Mountains range | Image Resource : himadventures.net

It has everything one needs to feel calm and relaxed. There are private swimming pools that sparkle nothing but beauty. Resort facilities includes spa, sauna, fitness centers and much more. We engaged in activities like beach volleyball, and also some adventurous water sports. This resort also offers horse riding activity and we can enjoy the ride right through the beautiful lawns!

The exceptional cuisines served here are amazing and worth trying out. A number of lavish restaurants like Four Seasons, Lagoon and others have their restaurants in the resort and one can enjoy their sumptuous meals at one of these. We were served a variety of dishes of our choice at our rooms. At the resort, you can choose the style of rooms you desire.

Musical Water Fountain at Aamby Vally Resort

Musical Water Fountain at Aamby Vally Resort | Image Resource : aambyvalley.com

There are villas, some more types like Burmese, Australian Chalet, Aussie rooms and many more which one could book according to their convenience. Being at this resort was a totally amazing experience and I would definitely recommend this one if you are planning a getaway with your friends and family.

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