Making The Dream Of Independence Come True!

Each Indian takes pride in the fact that the nation got freedom from the British rule on August 15, 1947, and this year marks the 69th year of independence! Before this, for several centuries, our Nation was ruled by foreign countries, first by Turks from the east, then by Mughals and then by the Great Britain. All of us know from the history books in our schools about the sacrifices that were made to recapture the power of our homeland. It is also known that on this day, the nation celebrates this accomplishment with pride and happiness.  The National Flag is lifted at the national capital of New Delhi, and at the different state capitals and union territories.

Some Leaders of India Independence Movement

Some Leaders of India Independence Movement | Image
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Indian Independence

Indian Independence | Image Resource :

The Prime Minister lists the accomplishments of the nation since the last Independence Day, raises the present and critical national and worldwide issues, and requests fellowmen to meet up to tackle it. Different social occasions, and unique functions to respect the martyrs and the surviving freedom fighters are organized. This is generally how Independence Day comes to an end, the very day our ancestors and the pioneers of pre-autonomous India longed for.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Speech

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Speech | Image
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While we are celebrating, we should likewise recall, with all admiration, warmth and gratefulness, every one of those great individuals, particularly Mahatma Gandhi, to whom we owe our freedom in light of the fact that a large number of them sacrificed their lives so that Indians can live in peace and freedom.

Another thing to recall is that our freedom is not the same as the freedom of different nations. Every other Nation that threw out a foreign rule did as such by bringing on bloodshed. Our freedom was won through standards of truth and peacefulness under the shrewd and righteous initiative of the Mahatma. We all today should be grateful for the sacrifices made in the past by our pioneers and let each of us work and serve with genuine patriotism with the goal to help to realize the future that our pioneers dream on 15th of August 1947.

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day | Image Resource : happy-


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