Pack Your Bags For Some Lavish Lonavala Holidays This Monsoon!

Close to Lonavala lie many exotic locations like Tiger hills, Lohagad, Bhushi Dam, Karla Caves and many more lovely destinations. When most people think of making a trip to Pune the first thing that instantly hit their mind is taking a trip into the high mountains of Lonavala.

High mountains of Lonavala

High mountains of Lonavala | Image Resource :

For me, there is nothing quite like driving my car through the steep mountains at my own clip, halting where and when I want. No doubt, rest assured in any weather Lonavala has its own beauty but the monsoons in Lonavala can leave you with a state-of-the-art driving experience as it adorns a magical quality during the rains. The best thing about this place is that it is approximately 100 kilometers from my place in Mumbai.

During Monsoons, I see that I book my room in one of the best Lonavala resorts for my weekend and the day usually starts with waking up early in the morning and starting my drive. Today, the online platforms have made things a lot easier to us and booking is over in a jiffy. As soon as I type Lonavala resorts, the search page brings about hundreds of results within my pocket’s range. Some of the hot favorites among the tourists are Avion Holiday Resort, Della Resorts, Fariyas Holiday Resort etc.

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The Mumbai-Pune expressway helps the Mumbaites to reach this charming hill station can reach within two hours. If you are not using a car, you also have an option to rent a vehicle as there are plenty of vehicles going to-and-fro on the expressway.

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway | Image Resource :

Even at 2 pm, despite the sun shining through, you can see Lonavala cloaked in fog. This is what I love the most about visiting Lonavala in monsoons. I always take my first stop at Tiger Point to watch the beautiful scenic views of the Tiger hills and have different kind of Bhajis over there. Since I get two days to spend in Lonavala, I spend at least three-four hours sitting and looking at the majestic landscapes of the hill.

Tiger Point at Lonavala

Tiger Point at Lonavala | Image Resource :

Once in Lonavala, you can also get ready to taste some of the exotic south Indian snacks as well as Punjabi food from the small eateries in the tourist destinations. Most of the Lonavala resorts have adopted the world-class standards and they even arrange tours to explore Pawna Lake, Karla Caves and natural fountains. So just pack your bags and get ready for the awesome holidays in Lonavala during the monsoons which give you truly an ethereal experience.


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