Planning Yoga Day In Schools : Actress Manisha Koirala Part Of 24 – Member Panel !

Yoga was the invention of our knowledgeable ancestors to keep our body and mind fit. It is said that the yogis would observe the daily activities of people around them and note down the positive effects of a particular activity. For example a yogi would watch a woman draw water from a well daily for a few months and notice that it resulted in stronger arms, deeper breaths and hence a fitter body.


Yoga | Image Resource :

Soon, compilations like these were made from the observations and this resulted in a solid set of rules called the Yoga. In today’s world where we strive in a polluted environment where we are nowhere close to being as healthy as our ancestors, yoga is a way out.

Being a sports and fitness enthusiast, I stand by decisions that the schools have taken to introduce yoga in the daily activities of the younger generations. I believe that this will prepare them for their tough lives ahead into the competitive and polluted world they are now forced to live in.

Actor Manisha Koirala doing Meditation

Actor Manisha Koirala doing Meditation | Image Resource :

Actor Manisha Koirala who battled against cancer and found her redemption via yoga sets a perfect example for the kids of today.  She made it clear that yoga gave her the strength and will power to overcome a disease for which no cure has been found till date. Yoga also guarantees peace of mind and increases concentration when followed properly under guidance.

The yoga day schedule which is being introduced in schools is being decided by some of the top experts in the fields of Ayurveda, yoga and education. The 24 member committee which includes the actor Manisha Koirala, are combining their expertise in their respected fields and bringing forth an idea which originated quite early in India.

International Yoga Day in Schools

International Yoga Day in Schools | Image Resource :

June 24th has been decided upon to be celebrated at International Yoga Day in schools all over Maharashtra and efforts are being made to introduce yoga to students at the school and collegiate levels. Surya Namaskara is the foremost routine which is to be taught in the schools.

Surya Namaskara

Surya Namaskara | Image Resource :


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