Why The Dream City And Melting Pot Mumbai Is Just Awesome!

“Mumbai’s Infectious. Once you start living in Mumbai, working in Mumbai,
I don’t think you can live anywhere else.” – YASH CHOPRA

Mumbai is a city that opens its heart and stretches its arm to lovingly enfold all who step their foot into this dream city. The minute your feet touches ground, the electrifying essence of this city swirls you into its vortex and there is no coming out of it without loving it from the depth of your heart! Many people come from far and near to give wings to their dreams and aspirations and it is a fact that this city gives them fame, name and glory.

We Love Mumbai

We Love Mumbai | Image Resource : thebetterindia.com

It is a melting pot of all communities and the only strong religion that everyone pays heed to is money and therefore there is no communal hostility! A lot of opportunities are open to every sect of the society and the suburbs of Mumbai show us the real meaning of sharing and caring with a giant heart amidst poverty and hardships.

There may be a shortage of place or material possessions but the hearts of people are very large and always open making you wonderstruck by the sheer magnanimity. Therefore, as the veteran film director Yash Chopra says, this city is truly infectious and once anyone starts living in Mumbai, he definitely cannot live anywhere else!

“Why Mumbai is Just Awesome starts”Res

The local trains in Mumbai are a sight to behold and it’s the heart , soul and the lifeline of the city! You need not take a big strain to get in or get out of these trains as the crowd pushes you out and pulls you in within a second! Whatever said, these trains connect the city well and boast of carrying 7.2 million commuters daily.

Mumbai Locals

Mumbai Locals | Image Resource : insideiim.com

For those who are fashion conscious, Mumbai is the New York of India since this city changes the fashion statement of the whole country. The street-side shops sell all accessories for a very low price and you can get the latest dresses, shoes, bags, etc. without making a hole in your pocket.

The street food is the best in Mumbai and it gives a tough competition to the food chains like Mc Donald’s, and Pizza Huts! The mouth-watering Vada Pav, Pani Puris, bhel puris, pav bhajis, is something to die for! The street food shops satiates the hunger pangs of all craving stomachs irrespective of the time of the day as you can find them open even at the wee hours of the night! Just like a mother feeds her children , these street food shops feeds people at a very low cost and this dream city , Mumbai takes care of all the monetary needs of its people as there is work for everyone in its womb!

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