Best Places to Spend Summer Vacation in Maharashtra

Hi Guys! I’m Saurabh from Maharashtra. I’ve visited a few places of interest and I am truly passionate about updating my travel blog. I’ve created this blog to share my experiences with travel enthusiasts all over India and abroad.

I’m a student, but there are times when I feel like screaming for a break. I do carry some amount of stress while my exams are on but I truly make up for it and have a rollicking time during my summer break. My blog shows you through a few spectacular travel destinations in and around Maharashtra.

There are a few good places that can make your vacation worth remembering. Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Matheran, Khandala, Lonavala, Karala and Bhandardara are some of the eminent hill stations that await your presence during the hot summer months. You may be eager to find out why!

The Hill Station of Mahabaleshwar seems to be the right destination when you’re in a group. The mountain air passes by you as you stand amidst lush green valleys and lofty peaks of the mountain. Riding a pony, fishing and boating in the Venna Lake add more to your pleasure.

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If you’re up for honeymoon, the Matheran Hill station yields a nice option. You’ll be caught up in your own imagination as the toy train moves past monkeys and food vendors. You can enjoy your favorite Chikki, buy leather goods, chappals and hats and really get into the holiday mood!

Bhandardara Hill Station is another beautiful hill resort and its fun going in groups and of course honeymooners are also seen in plenty. The scenic forests, the Aurhur Lake and the nearby Wilson Dam are the prime attractions here and its worth every penny spent!

If you’ve already been to a number of hill stations, you may consider spending your vacation surrounded by the five hills of Panchgani. It’s hard to take your eyes off the coastal plains, but then you can’t miss out the Krishna River and its scenic beauty. The invitation of an old world charm draws numerous tourists to this hill station every summer.

Amazing view of the oastal plains and river Krishna at Panchgani

Amazing view of the oastal plains and river Krishna at Panchgani | Image Resource :

If you wish to spend your summer vacation watching the greenery while lying back, you may choose to visit hill stations like Lonavala, Khandala and Karla. You’ll only take about 3 hours to drive up to these hill stations; all three of these hill stations serve as weekend destinations for the residents of Mumbai. You’re bound to fall in love with the scenic locales once you reach the twin hill resorts of Lonavala and Khandala. You can make your trip simpler by riding on your bicycle, while your friends choose to opt for trekking. An 80 BC structure, the Karla Cave is an ancient Buddhist shrine that looks so attractive even today.

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All members of your household will find it interesting to visit these places. They come to you with a wholesome package of family entertainment. I planned the entire trip within few hours which includes finding the best flight and hotel booking. Stay tuned for my next post to know more about the summer vacation trip!

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