Akshaya Tritiya – Its Religious And Astrological Significance In Hindus (अक्षय तृतीया)

Hi, I am Saurabh from Mumbai. I like being a part of various cultural events and festivals besides taking a keen interest on sports and current affairs. I often travel to various parts of India with my family and friends. While on my tours, I like checking the local food and chatting with the local people. I was surprised by the fact that the Jains and Hindus observe the holy day of Akshaya Tritiya with equal importance.

Akshaya Tritiya (अक्षय तृतीया)

Akshaya Tritiya (अक्षय तृतीया) | Image Resource : wikinewstime.com

A Peek into the religious significance

Akha Teej or Akshaya Tritiya has a great significance in the Hindu religious scripts. It occurs on the lunar day or Third tithi depicting Shukla Paksha on the month of Vaishakha and is regarded as an important day in Hindu Mythology.

It was on this day that the creation of an epic called Mahabharata was penned by Maharishi Vyasa. The epic depicts the entire history of the Bharat war. Lord Vishnu described in the Hindu mythology as the preserver of mankind symbolizes this day. This day also marks the beginning Treta Yuga and descending of river Ganga from the Himalayas. Lord Vishnu’s sixth incarnation Parashurama was supposedly born on this day.

Astrological significance of the day

The three auspicious lunar days or tithis are based on the Muhurta or Hindu electional astrology. That’s why they are also referred to as Sade-Teen Muhurtas. The Sade-Teen (3 ½) Muhurtas or tithis are counted as the first Tithi constituting of Bright half of Kartika, the third tithi constituting Bright Half of Akshaya Tritiya (Vaishakha), the tenth tithi constituting Bright half of Vijay Dashami or Ashvina and the first tithi  constituting the Bright half of the month of Chaitra (beginning of a new year).

Sade – Teen Muhurtas comprise of the initial three tithis, which are counted in full and the last of all tithis that’s counted as half. This day astrologically observes the brightness of the Moon and Sun to be equal. Akshaya Tritiya is often referred to as Navanna Parvam. The auspicious nature of this day seems more appropriate when it falls on the Rohini star Monday.

Akshaya Tritiya is observed with various pujas, since it’s considered to be one of the most sacred days. Clothes, fruits, vegetables and rice are distributed on this occasion and the Hindu women follow it with fasts.


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