Understand The Gudi Padwa In A Deeper And Spiritual Sense Than Ever Before!

I, Saurabh Khillare, am a student by day and a culture enthusiast by choice. I’ve been born and raised in the loud cities of Maharashtra, learning the ways of my people! I can ensure you that no other place celebrates Gudi Padwa like Maharashtra does! The sheer energy and enthusiasm that people have will enlighten the mind, body and soul! This festival is celebrated by Hindus all over India but the names vary from place to place. This occasion marks the coming of a new year and a new beginning for the Hindus!

Gudi Padwa (गुढी पाडवा)

Gudi Padwa (गुढी पाडवा) | Image Resource : quoteimg.com

This festive occasion is believed to be the day that Lord Brahma created the universe and thus holds great importance. In a Hindu household this occasion starts off with an auspicious bath, followed by decorating the doorway to the house with flowers and ‘toran’, performing age old rituals and hoisting the Gudi.

Mogra Toran (तोरण)

Mogra Toran (तोरण) | Image Resource : craftsvilla.com

According to Hindu scriptures the New Year is supposed to be celebrated on Chaitra Shuddha Pratipada and not according to the Western calendar as on January 1st. It is said that there is a Divine consciousness that is there during sunrise. It is established that the waves consisting of the fire principle are strengthened and activated on a huge scale during this time. This Divine consciousness is stored in the body cells and used when needed. Thus it is important to understand that the Gudi should be worshipped five to fifteen minutes after sunrise.

While raising the Gudi there are a few rules to be followed such as:

  • The area selected for raising the Gudi should be properly cleaned and a rangoli of the Swastik sign should be drawn so as to show purity.
  • The ‘Shiva Shakti’ principle in the universe should be brought to mind.
  • The Gudi should be raised at the entrance and should be tilted at a particular angle
Gudi (गुढी)

Gudi (गुढी) | Image Resource : imgkid.com

The principle of creation and the fire principle in the atmosphere are praised while chanting the prayer of the Gudi Padwa. Lord Brahma and lord Vishnu are prayed to let the Divine consciousness prevail at all times.

I am so proud to follow tradition and heritage that has a scientific aspect as well. Positive vibes and purity should be established so that new beginnings can start on a bright and happy note!

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