A Heart Touching Tribute To Comrade Pansare Who Was The Light And Life Of Kolhapur

The Great Indian Marxist leader, the social reformer and an activist of the Communist party of India was born in 26th November and departed on 20th February 2015. He did his B.A ( Hons) and L.L.B at Rajaraam College in Kolhapur. He started his career as a newspaper vendor and also as peon in the Municipality. He also worked as a primary school teacher and later he practiced as an advocate and finally became the president of Kolhapur Lawyer’s Bar Association.

Comrade Govind Pansare

Comrade Govind Pansare | Image Resource : abpmajha.abplive.in

“Comrade Pansare, who is associated with the Left since his school days, is known for his strident advocacy of peoples’ movements and for the book ‘Shivaji Kon Hota?’ (Who was Shivaji?) This book, which was originally a speech delivered in May 1987, has sold over a lakh copies in many languages and is counted as a runaway success.” – Res.

He became renowned for the Marathi language autobiography he had written on the Maratha King Shivaji called ‘Shivaji Kon Hota’. It is said that this book took its thread from a speech delivered in May 1987 and it was a runaway success as it was rewritten and made available to the public in many languages.

'Shivaji Kon Hota' book of Govind Pansare

‘Shivaji Kon Hota’ book of Govind Pansare | Image Respurce : flixcart.com

Comrade Pansare from his school days was an active Left wing activist and he was the state secretary of the CPI and also a member of the party’s national executive. He even was the pioneer of a centre which helped couples who wished to do intercaste or interfaith marriage.

“Rationalist Govind Pansare dies after being shot by bike borne assailants” – Res.

On February 21st 2015 this great activist and rationalist who was in the forefront in his fight against road toll tax died. He was killed brutally by bike borne assailants when he and his wife Uma was taking a morning walk on February 16th.

Though he was flown in an air ambulance to Breach Candy Hospital the doctors could not save him as he developed complications like bleeding in the lungs which further led to heart failure and finally he passed away at around 10.45 pm.  The body was however brought back to Kolhapur his hometown for his last rites.

Many great leaders like NCP leader Supriya Sule offered condolences for the family and said that it was indeed sad that such sad incidents were occurring in Maharashtra. The CPI leader A. Abhyankar said that the cops should soon nab the culprits. The Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadbavis also paid his last respects to the great leader.

“Was the attack on Govind Pansare really similar to that of Narendra Dabholkar?” – Res.

Narendra Dabholkar and Govind Pansare

Narendra Dabholkar and Govind Pansare | Image Respurce : abpmajha.abplive.in

There has been public outcry and also comparisons made between the death of Narendra Dabholkar since both the murders took place in similar scenario. Both were going for their morning walk and both were shot at by two bike assailants. But the Additional Director General of Police K.L. Bishnoi has commented that there has been no clear direction to link both the cases since he said that the only similarity was that both were attacked during their morning walk.

“5,000 lawyers boycott work to protest Comrade Pansare’s murder” – Res.

About 5000 lawyers belonging to the Nashik Bar Association showed their protest and anger against the death of their dear comrade Pansare by boycotting work on Tuesday. Initially on February 16th , they sported red ribbons but later abstained from work completely to show their protest though the courts in the district remained open.


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