Cherish The Traditions And Enjoy All The Symbolic Celebrations Of The Festival Of Colors, Holi!

The best thing about Indian festivals is that they are engulfed and encompassed in traditions and culture and relay a message of love and unity. Holi is a national festival and it has a mythological significance, cultural significance, social significance, and even a biological or scientific significance.

The first and most popular legend associated with ‘Holi’ is the well known story of ‘Vaishnava’ theology

Astrologer Sushil Awasthi has rightly commented that though Holi is a festival of fun and colours it has a mythological significance that varies from region to region. The most popular mythological legend associated is that of Vaishnava theology.

It says that Hiranyakahsyap, the king of demons had a son who was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and since he could not wane away his son from this devout path, he decided to kill him. It is said that he ordered his son to sit on the lap of his sister Holika and sit in a pyre but the Lord saved the young Prahlad in his own ways as the legend says that when the flames grew the shawl with a boon flew from Holika to Prahlad.

holika dahan

Picture depicting Holika Dahan story | Image Res :

Holi has a connection with Radha-Krishna too

The second most legend about the Holi celebrations is that it is celebrated in honor of Radha’s divine love for Krishna. The expert in mythology Prashant Mishra explains that Lord Krishna was a little sad owing to his dark color and wondered how only his beloved Radha could be so fair. So Yeshoda, his mother playfully suggested to color her and change her to the complexion he desired

Radha Krishna Holi Celebration

Lord Krishna playing Holi with Radha | Image Res :

Holi Festival Celebrations In The Different States Of India

Holi is celebrated differently in different states but with equal fervor and exuberance! In North India, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Haryana states apart from Holika Dahan , Matki Phod is also celebrated. The local boys team up and try to break clay pots filled with buttermilk and the women folk throw colored water on these boys. In Bengal it is Dol Jatra or swing festival, in Goa it is Shigmotsav, in Punjab it is Hola Mohalla, in Uttar Pradesh it is Lath Mar festival.

Go Organic this Holi

Holi though is a festival of fun , the colors used while playing is not very funny! It causes cancer, blindness, mental retardation, paralysis and different kinds of allergies and asthmas. The only way out to escape all this and still have fun is by using natural products to make colors like henna powder, beetroot, gooseberries, tesu flowers, saffron, sindoor, haldi , gram floor , etc. Our own kitchen is a treasure trove for all these products!

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