Hopes High For Chopper Services to Reach Elephanta Caves

In case you have penchant for historical or ancient tourist places then the Elephanta Caves are something that you must try to visit sometime in your life. Situated on Elephanta Island, which is in Mumbai Harbor, this historical place comprises of two caves- the Hindu Caves and the Buddhist Caves. The stone sculpture of these caves will really astound your mind and mesmerize your soul. However, there is also a sad part about it, which is related to the time it takes to reach this tourist spot. Fortunately, steps are being taken towards making the journey really short. Yes, if everything happens as per plans then very soon tourists will be able to avail the facility of copters to reach the spot.

Elephanta Island

Elephanta Island | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves | Image Resource : remotelands.com

It is a venture of two private companies, and they also applied for the same to the respective government body. At present, visitors or tourists have to take boats ferry from the Gateway of India in order to set their foot at the Green Island. This Island features a temple of Lord Shiva, which was built in the 7th Century. However, considering the mammoth time the boat takes to cover the distance of more or less 9 nautical miles, sometimes the tourists feel really irritating as they have to wait for like 4 to 5 hours during the journey. Fortunately, with the inception of chopper services, tourists would get immense relief from the pain of waiting on the boat unnecessarily. The bonus time they would get through this service by reaching early will be an additional boon to them.

Giant Trimurti Shiva Sculpture Elephanta

Giant Trimurti Shiva Sculpture Elephanta | Image Resource : mathisen.me.uk

In this regard, the DGCA or the Directorate General of Civil Aviation confirmed that they have received a tender from two companies to initiate chopper services to the Elephanta Island. As per DGCA, if the points mentioned in the terms of service are found in the right place then very soon the two companies will get permission to begin the service. Quite obviously, you will have to dole out some good amount of money in order to avail this upcoming service. But, the experience you will get in return would be worth the amount.


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