Lavasa : Attractions & Activities For Visitors (Part – 2)

Most of us know about the “Lavasa project” that changed the face of “urban planning” in India. The city of Lavasa has used futuristic technology and strategy for its development. If you are reading about Lavasa for the very first time, I have shared some really interesting information on the city along with useful travel tips in the prequel to this blog post “Lavasa : India’s First Planned Hill Station Town In Pune (Part – 1)”.

In this particular article, we move forward to attractions & activities one could indulge in while in the city of Lavasa. The builders of Lavasa have planned this city around a picturesque location in Pune. Here are some of the major interesting places to visit while in this beautiful city:

Temghar Dam

This is an earthfill and gravity dam in Pune. The dam gets countless visitors throughout the year. So if you are a nature lover, then you must definitely visit this place. It may not be a huge dam but it is a must-visit in the monsoon season.

Temghar Dam Lavasa

Temghar Dam Lavasa | Image Resource :

Water sports at Lakeshore

While you are visiting Lavasa, make sure to participate in some really interesting water sports taking place in Lakeshore.

Waterfront Shaw and Cafe Promenade

It is also advised to check out the Waterfront Shaw and Cafe Promenade. It is a perfect way to begin your morning. Promenade cafe offers you the best view while having coffee.

Waterfront Shaw Lavasa

Waterfront Shaw Lavasa | Image Resource :

Cafe Promenade Lavasa

Cafe Promenade Lavasa | Image Resource :

Outdoor activities

You can also plan activities such as trekking, camping, bumper boats, rock climbing, paintball, pedal boating, water volleyball, jet skiing, rappelling etc. These activities are specifically recommended to families and friends.

Beautiful Long Drives

Lavasa is surrounded by beautiful green hill forests and small waterfalls which make it a perfect place for long drives.

Book A Show at LEZ

A perfect place for movie buffs. LEZ i.e Lavasa Experience Zone offers the visitors the best projection and surround system technology to make the movie watching experience as alive as possible.

The Lavasa Bus Tour

The visitors of Lavasa are offered a very unique experience. They can take a tour of the city in a super sleek luxury bus designed by the famous Dilip Chhabria.

Lavasa Bus Tour

Lavasa Bus Tour | Image Resource :,

It’s Lunch Time

Grandma’s Homemade Patisserie or Chor Bizarre are quite popular amongst the tourists. The menus of these restaurants are designed keeping in mind all kinds of food lovers.

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Game on

Yet, another excuse to put your game face on. Visit Neo Spark and bring out the kid in you through Photo play, Neo arcade and Electronic darts.

Game Arcade Lavasa

Game Arcade Lavasa | Image Resource :


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