Lavasa : India’s First Planned Hill Station Town In Pune (Part – 1)

India is developing and we still dream about having infrastructure similar to countries in Europe and America. This vision may still seem like fiction but there are projects that have been designed to take India to the next level. One such project is Lavasa.

Lavasa Project

Lavasa Project | Image Resource :

GIS map of Lavasa

GIS map of Lavasa | Image Resource :

Lavasa is located in the Western Ghats around the beautiful Sahyadri mountain ranges. It is also surrounded by the beautiful Baji Pasalkar Reservoir. The hill station view and proximity to a beautiful river are amongst the major USPs of Lavasa.

Lakeside View at Dasve Lavasa

Lakeside View at Dasve Lavasa | Image Resource :

Lavasa is a 25,000 acre town planned by Hindustan Construction Company. The design, architecture and technology of this town are highly advanced and futuristic for India. It is India’s first planned hill station. State of the art technologies such as Geographical Information System (GIS), E-governance, Bio-mimicry, etc were used to create this town. Countless top professionals across the world have collaborated for designing this amazing town. The design of Lavasa is developed by the HoK who are considered as the world’s top design consultants.

How to reach Lavasa:

By road:

For Mumbaikars, Lavasa is a 4 hour journey by road. It is a 186 km drive.

You can also choose from any of these four routes:-

On the Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Via Hinjewadi exit
Via Panvel – Lonavala – Chandini Chowk
Via Lonavala – Nive – Tamhini
Via Lonavala – Somatne exit – Pirangut

On Mumbai-Goa Highway

Via Kolad – Tamhini

From Pune :

You can reach Lavasa from Pune within 2 hours. It is a 58 km drive Via Chandini Chowk – Pirangut.

From Bangalore:

If you are from Bangalore, a train route is much convenient than road. It is an 861 km drive from Bangalore.

By train:

Train schedules from Mumbai:

Train No. Train Name Origin Arr. Dep.
Days Of Run
11017 Ltt Karaikal Ex Pune Junction 01:00 01:10 N N N N N Y N
11018 Kik Ltt Express Pune Junction 19:50 19:55 Y N N N N N N
12222 Hwh Pune Duront Pune Junction 11:35 Ends N N N Y N Y N
12264 Pune Duronto Ex Pune Junction 07:10 Ends Y N N Y N N N
12297 Pune Duronto Pune Junction 07:00 Ends N Y N N Y N Y

Train schedules from Bangalore:

Train No. Train Name Origin Dep. Arr. Days Of Run
Bangalore Lavasa M T W T F S S
12629 Sampark Kranti Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction 13:50 08:45 N Y N Y N N N
11006 Chalukya Express Banaswadi 05:15 02:10 N Y Y N N N Y
11014 Lokmanya Tt Exp Bangalore Cantt. 16:12 10:35 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
11022 Chalukya Express Banaswadi 03:15 02:10 Y N N Y Y N N
16210 Ajmer Express Bangalore City Junction 21:55 18:40 N Y N Y N N N

This blog consists of some of the basic information about Lavasa. Read the 2nd part of this blog to learn more about the attractions in Lavasa.


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  1. […] Most of us know about the “Lavasa project” that changed the face of “urban planning” in India. The city of Lavasa has used futuristic technology and strategy for its development. If you are reading about Lavasa for the very first time, I have shared some really interesting information on the city along with useful travel tips in the prequel to this blog post “Lavasa : India’s First Planned Hill Station Town In Pune (Part – 1)”. […]


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