‘Latkas and Jhatkas’ of Bollywood with ZES Sucheta Pal at Mumbai

The Mumbai city jumps into Zumba mood this summer when the internationally famous Zumba education specialist Sucheta Pal hosted an event for a huge section of dance enthusiastic of the city, on the 26th of July 2014.  The celebration was scheduled between 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, which surely recharged the spirits of all the Bollywood admirers.

The internationally renowned ‘Master trainer for Zumba’ in the entire world, organized this event that was based on the theme of ‘Bollywood dhinchak style’.  All the guests were enjoying the celebrity “avatar” while matching their feet with the rhythmic but blasting music. Whether they were the fans of Honey Singh, the followers of Bollywood pulsating songs, or the people who spin over the evergreen music and songs of our beloved Hindi cinema, all were enjoying the fun and frolic of the celebration.

We were not an exception and the news of the ravishing event made us hop into our party shoes and join the cheers. We felt the right adrenaline rush while shaking our leg on our foot stomping of Hindi music. The uber cool event was held at the spaced studio workshop of sec 11, Vashi, and the second floor was thumping with the beats of the music and dance.

ZES Sucheta Pal

ZES Sucheta Pal | Image Resource : healthmeup.com

We were shouting aloud while dancing and admiring the various guests who came in dressed as their favorite celebrity. The amazing ambience made us go lose all the stress and we grooved on the chartbuster and crazy mixes. The presence of our host – Sucheta Pal was cherry on the cake. She added to the flowing energy on the floor and put in some amazing steps. She and her team were admiringly coordinated and had a spunk that immediately crossed over to everyone. The energy and fun was felt by everyone.

Latkas and Jhatkas of Sucheta Pal

Latkas and Jhatkas of Sucheta Pal | Image Resource : tune.pk

Sucheta Pal is the first proud Indian in the world, who is honored as a Zumba education specialist and is still the only ZES having an official license that permits her to train instructors in our country.

Bollywood Obsession with ZES Sucheta Pal

Bollywood Obsession with ZES Sucheta Pal | Image Resource : danceincity.com

The evening of Bollywood obsession with ZES Sucheta Pal was plain fun, and we had a gala time!

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